Pay-as-you-go: If you need to keep a tight control on cash flow this is a great way to start

using a VA, it lets you gauge how much work I can achieve in a given time limit to help

enable you to pa and budget going forwards. I will invoice you every 7 days for payment

immediately. – Hourly Rate £25 per hour – (minimum charge of 4 hours per month)

Retainers: for on-going support every month. Retainers are billed at the beginning of the

month and can be used for any tasks set. Email report will be provided at end of month

showing allocation of hours. I don’t round up or down you pay only for the time that I work

for you. If a particular project is approaching your limit, I will let you know in advance. –

Retainer Rate £22 per hour – (minimum retainer 10 hours per month)

Bulk/Block Hours: Buying a block of hours can save money, these can be spread over a

quarter. This gives you a preferential rate but also the ability to send projects my way as and

when you need the extra help. *(cannot be carried over if not used in the 4-month specified

time period) – Block Hour rate £20 per hour- (minimum block hours 40)

Package: If you have a set project, I will work out a package price for you. Payment is made

50% at time of booking and 50% on completion.

Travel: 40 pence per mile standard charge. Train and/or Air fares to be covered by client.

Travelling time first 30 minutes FOC. Travelling outside of that is charged at £10 per hour.

*I am not VAT registered, so my charges are as stated.

Benefits of using a VA

- You pay only when you need something doing

- No drain on your cash flow in quiet times

- I offer round the clock support 24/7

- I am reliable, consistent, easy to work with, great at

communicating and trustworthy

- I am a modern businesswoman providing a skilled service

What you are NOT having to pay for

- N.I. Contributions

- Pension Contributions

- Holiday Pay incl. Bank Holidays

- Sick Pay,

- Maternity/Paternity Pay)

- Payroll costs

I also don’t need you to provide office space, a desk, phone,

computer, printer, stationary, HR Policies, Training etc.


Let’s talk……

Start-ups, Autumn/Winter Special

Skype, video call on What’s App, or telephone call business brainstorming


Sometimes just voicing areas your stuck in helps you find your own way

forward, but if not, I am here to offer suggestions.

Whether its advice on routes to market, demographics, marketing, social

media or something else you’d like to chat through I am offering 20 minutes

consultation, with a written report from the conversation emailed to you.

- This is limited to 3 clients a week

- There is no charge for this session but in my report I will suggest areas

that I could help you moving forward with your start-up in the hope you

will find this informative and consider using my services in the future.

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